Virtual Moon Atlas Expert

Virtual Moon Atlas Expert 3.5

Virtual Moon Atlas Expert lets us to observe and study the moon and its surface

Virtual Moon Atlas Expert is a program that allows us to observe and study the moon and its surface. It was developed by Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley, and is offered at no cost at their website. This program is of special interest for astronomers, amateurs, and all those interested in exploring the Earth’s natural satellite. Due to its precision and detail of its data, Virtual Atlas Moon has won the recognition of astronomers and prestigious scientific publications.

Virtual Moon Atlas displays a 3D lunar globe which can be magnified, rotated, and navigated. On its left panel, the program provides us with a thorough study of the lunar surface with an amazing level of detail, which includes its dimension, position, its craters and formations.

To take the most of the program, we have to properly configure it, taking into account our computer resources and the edition of the program we have chosen. The configuration process may turn out a bit complicated so it is highly advisable to read the help file, and the user’s guide carefully before getting started.

The program’s interface is available in English and French, and extra translations can be freely downloaded from the developers’ website.

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